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I love puppies but I'm not crazy enough to bring one to my apartment

First of all:
I received amcw177, hornithorynque, slayerizedcarol and noodlesoother's card, THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRLS, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND FLAWLESS!!!

My Christmas was nice, I went to my mother's house and could see the whole family again (after one year...).
I also missed my dogs, we have 3 - Luke, Leia and Zara - and Leia had 5 puppies that were the cutest things ever!!!
My mom is going to give/sell them, there is no way to have 8 dogs in the house, it doesn't matter how big the yard is.

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About Reborn, it is so exciting, I can't wait for next chapter!!!!!! *__* D18 everybody:

Btw, I don't understand the hate over the new comment box. I think I'm the only person who liked it.

[Glee] K&B dancing

Oh Happy Day

Today so many good things happened that the only thing left for the day to be more than great would be to receive Pottermore's email. Well, nothing is perfect I guess.

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Now guys, let me ask you about your tumblrs, skypes, etc. Everyone is so quite here at LJ lately. Tell me if you have any of them and I’ll add you. My accounts are:
Tumblr: http://morgrix.tumblr.com/
Skype: pat.mv84

See you there!!!
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Winter is coming /o/

This Holy Week, I've been to a city in the south of Brazil, Curitiba. It was my second time there, beautiful city.

But this time I've made a Train Tour. I'll post pictures in the lj-cut.

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Aaaaaaaand, putting this post to good use, I'll make a recommendation. Have you seen this new series, Game of Thrones?


After watching it, you can pass here and take a look at my icons.

Carnival post!!!

Hi!!! First of all, sorry f-list, I was not around these last few days, I was in Rio de Janeiro, spending my Carnival there.
As some of you might know, the Carnival there is very famous. I didn't go to Sapucaí but I did went to some niiiiice places.
I told amcw177 that I would post some pictures that I took there, because it's awesome.
I couldn't take pictures of the many fabulous abs I saw there, because I didn't want to take my camera to the crowd, so these are the horrible pictures from my cell phone.

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BTW, I have new icons here. With technical problems. =P
[NG] Weather

About icons

Hello! I always said that I didn't want to post my icons here anymore, but I was "oh" so lazy to make a community, bla bla bla.
Then, I applied to theqilin , they were hiring another person to make part of the community, and now I'm able to post my icons in that awesome community of calciseptine and faorism.

I know some people added me to keep track of my icons, which I really appreciate, but now I'll only post my icons there. I’ll keep the old ones here, but the new ones only in theqilin now.

Thank you!!!

Btw, new icons here at [info]theqilin.

(as if you already didn’t see it, I’m spanning LJ with it)
[CCS] Sakura + Shouran

2011 unh.....

First icon post of 2011!!! Yay! I came back from Rio de Janeiro and I’m going to spend some days at home. Maybe I’ll travel again in the weekend. If I do travel, then it’ll take a longer time for me to make an icon post again. But… I’m always around anyway…

[33] Reborn!
[17] Soul Eater



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hot in here

I’m on vacation!!! And… When I’m on vacation I tend to travel a lot to my parents house, so I don’t color much. I’ve made some icons of other series, but I’ll post it later, because it’s not much.

I just finished watching Honey & Clover. HOW HAVEN’T ANYBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THIS ANIME??? EVER? IT’S BEAUTIFULL! I laughed, cried and felt all warm inside. Everybody should watch it.

Now I’ll start Gintama. It’s such a long series. It’ll take forever to watch it.

[38] Reborn!



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I want a boss just like Tsuna

Reborn is getting better and better!!! I didn’t color G, but noodlesoother will, so I’ll wait for her lovely icons. I’ll also wait for kirishimaayama coloring, she colors like Amano, it’s amazing.
Uri was soooooo small and cute. When I colored her I had no idea of what I was doing. I’m sorry for the fail.
Today I’m also posting these super old K-On and Glee icons that I found in my computer. I’ve made them such a long time ago that I didn’t even remember them. Oh, and some Drrr! Yaoi fanart. XD    I started to watch Arakawa under the bridge and I’m looooving it! I think I could live under the bridge and have no problem with it.


[28] Reborn!
[19] Kuroshitsuji
[18] Miscellany (Drr!, K-On and Glee)



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